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DestiniGo World Policy

  • 1. DestiniGo World is a friendly online travel portal that offers services to help you avail the best of opportunities to travel in the form of flight booking, hotel booking and transport facilities.

  • 2. Only ONE (1) membership per person is permitted. If the management finds that member has joined more than once, the management reserves the right to cancel all memberships without any reimbursement/refund.

  • 3. The Associate Membership amount of 900/- is NON-REFUNDABLE but REIMBURSABLE in the form of Tourism Services. An active member can reimburse the same in Tourism Service form at the rate 10% of the Associate Membership amount.

  • 4. DestiniGo World plans are Aquamarine Plan/ Peridot Plan/ Spinel Plan.

  • 5. In Aquamarine/Peridot/Spinel plan we will provide the member with One/Two/Three-night hotel accommodation respectively.

  • 6. Alternatively, The Member can avail the benefit of a Free One - Way Flight applicable in a Peridot Plan and Spinel Plan in the Indian Domestic Sector with Pre-Intimation (90 Days of the Journey Date).

  • 7. The registered members must be active immediately or within a reasonable time specified during joining. If you are not an active member by the deadline specified, you will not be eligible for the benefits provided by DestiniGo World.

  • 8. For any reason, if the member is unable to avail either of the benefits in the first year nor he/she earns any Business commission, the same services can be extended for the following year ONLY at the discretion of DGW Management.

  • 9. DestiniGo World reserve the right to refuse service without any reimbursement to any member breaking rules or abusing their membership privilege or found that member has provided any false details of himself/herself at the time of joining.

  • 10. Only DGW Active Members will be eligible for Royalty.